Restorations or Repairs

Restoration work can include windows, doors, sidelights,  transoms,  lamps and lighting fixtures. 

Restoring a Stained Glass or beveled piece could include some or all of the following:  

-replacing broken pieces with matching old glass or newer glass or jewels

-handcrafting new  bevels with old glass of the right color to match the original window

-split leading over an existing crack on both sides to keep the original glass in tact

-glueing a crack to add stability while keeping the original glass

-re-leading the whole window, sections or the border 

-re-grouting and cleaning

-flattenning a bowed or warped panel

-painting a cracked painted piece or pieces

-Adding or replacing re-bar for structure

-Creating a new wood or metal frame for the Panel

New Commissions

The process of creating a new commission possibly requires mostly all of the following steps:

-Client Meetings

-Sash Company Meetings


-Blow up and Transfer


-Delivery and Installation

Special Treatment and Materials

Some panels might be designed using extra techniques or materials which would be charged separately.  Examples or these would be:

- Jewels






-Double Glazing

-New Sash

Restorations or Repairs

Restorations and repairs are charged on a per hour basis.  The range per hour is keyed in from the difficulty of access to the pieces being worked on, size of the panel, and complexity of design.

An estimate is provided and approved with half the total  amount as a deposit before the work begins. The balance is due upon completion.  If I deliver the window there is a delivery charge of 25-100 depending on where it is.

The  rate is 55/Hr.  

Larger Restorations require an estimate for the whole job that may break down to a lower rate per hour.

Small repairs may be less.

It is best to email me a photo with a phone call and a viewing in person to determine the cost since every window is different.

New Commissions

Each step, as above, is shown on an estimate which will be approved before the work begins.

The Design phase is the 1st step which is 20% of the total  cost of the job.

I ask for that as the first deposit to start

Once the design is approved I ask for 1/2 the balance.  The 2nd half is due upon completion of the window.  A delivery charge may be added if required.

It is very important to me for both of us to be happy with the colors, style, and any special elements that make the window exceptionally meaningful to you, your family or client.  I will work with you within reason to make changes until we are both satisfied.  

New Commissions are based on the Square Footage of the area to be covered.  Between 50- 250 per Square Foot is my rate depending on the design complexity and any special treatment like bevels, jewels, float leading, painting, sandblasting, etc.

There is a minimum of 120 for simple windows 12" X 12" or less.  

Special Treatments and Materials

Jewels, Bevels, Rondels or any special materials are charged as a separate cost with shipping from the supplier included.  I will try to get the best price for you if there are alternatives.

Double glazing or sash is a separate charge paid to the company of your choice.  If any liaison is required I would charge a flat fee of 50-250 depending on the amount of time involved.

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